About KUBO

A payment processing system for effortless transfer
of crypto funds into fiat or other crypto assets.


The KUBO team and project will put a major focus on building a retail ecosystem that supports the use of KUBO for a crypto payment alternative for goods and services at discounted rates due to the money saved by vendors and relaters on transaction fees. The regions of interest are the Asian markets and European markets for the establishment of the ecosystem of vendors and retailers with the United States being a later focus in the project development.

ATM Network

ATM network integration and support alongside the implementation of crypto debt cards to increase the ease of use for the purchasing of goods and services in the real world and within the KUBO commerce ecosystem. This is coupled with mobile wallet support for both IOS and Android platforms plus access to the massive Waves Decentralized Exchange (2.5 Million USD Daily) to buy and sell KUBO for other cryptos assets or directly into fiat currencies of USD and Euro while on the go. This removes the need for computers or laptops for buying and selling KUBO and other assets. (IF we do more than 1K Waves volume daily)

Coin specifics

KUBO will be a large finite supply token currency. This is to ensure enough tokens to serve as a proper currency when the masses enter the crypto ecosystem but also to ensure the tokens that are out in circulation are reasonably affordable to all economic groups that enter the space. A larger circulating project also allow for better protection from price manipulation and tremendous spikes or dips in token price. However, despite the larger max supply, the circulating supply will remain relativity low in comparison due to low token emission by the KUBO team and the funds set aside or locked away for long periods of time*.

*(Founder Wallet (20%) locked away for minimum 6 months, Project Fund (35%) to cover operation costs and pay for developments, and lastly Marketing Fund (25%) to cover the cost for both small and large promotion and marketing campaigns for the project in domestic and foreign regions. This means for the short and midterm portion of the KUBO project, less than 20% of the total supply will be in circulation and available to the public.


KUBO is listed on the Waves Decentralized Exchange.

Waves Decentralized Exchange